Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why You're the Avis Lady

There was an Avis car rental ad on TV a few years ago which sums you up quite nicely.

In the ad, a guy is waiting on the pavement with a huge bunch of flowers which he wants to give to the lady who works behind the counter at the Avis rental place. His friend is trying to save him horrible embarrassment and is imploring him not to go in.

The guy is hopelessly in love and is convinced that the girl is keen on him too.

His friend replies, "But she's like that with everyone."

It then cuts to a shot of the Avis lady smiling a white-toothed dream smile at another happy customer.

The ad was trying to say that Avis employees are all super friendly and go out of their way to make each customer feel important.

The poor fellow thought he was special - that she reserved those beautiful smiles just for him. What a heart-wrenching wake-up to realise that he was just one of many.

She was like that with everyone.

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