Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Charlie Brown Must Move On

There's a scene in a Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown and his mates are playing an important football match.

Charlie's the kicker. The first time he lines up to kick, Lucy holds the ball upright for him. He takes his run up, swings back his leg for the kick, and as he follows through, Lucy whips the ball away and Charlie lands flat on his back.

The game goes on. Charlie then has to take another kick and Lucy is once more his ball holder. He runs up, swings back...and Lucy snatches the ball away again. Bang, Charlie lands on his bum.


The next time he has to kick, he wisely tells Lucy that he doesn't trust her anymore and is going to ask someone else. She promises that this time she won't pull the ball away.

But, of course, she does. Charlie ends up on the park again.

And again.

Get another person, Charlie!

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