Monday, August 10, 2009

What's This?

Emma had solids for the first time yesterday. Well, "solids" might be pushing it a little as runny rice pap is not exactly solid. She looked a little confused and spat some out, but we managed a few spoons before she began to look distressed.

The kids had a school outing to a mushroom farm: the digger ride was way more interesting than the mushrooms. (Although all us moms were fascinated by the mushroom farming details. Did you know they import the peat from Ireland and Scotland?)

Aimee woke up this morning a little dazed, and when she heard Daniel,in her half-asleep state, she asked, "Why is Daniel back already?" It turns out she had been dreaming that he had shot into space in a space ship.

Hermanus Primary sent letters to the pre-schools this week advising us that we can now begin enrolling our kids for Grade 1. Yay! Daniel is so ready for Big School.

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