Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Emma is now 15 weeks old and has had a cluster of milestones lately. So if you're not particularly interested in baby achievements, feel free to skip this one.

We'll start with a biggie.... she rolled over! Emma was lying on the bed on her stomach, protesting loudly in articulate baby talk, when Aimee said, "Emma just rolled over." I looked, and sure enough, she had. Then she did it again four times in succession. I ran to get the video camera but she point-blank refused to perform for posterity.

She's also started with these chuckley belly laughs when she finds something highly amusing.

Oh, the next one is even more of a biggie - well, for me it is. Yay, yay, yay... she's sleeping all night! I'm not, but she is. My body-clock is still set for about 4 a.m. (working on it, though). The first night, I kept getting up to check after every snuffle and sigh, waiting for them to escalate into hungry cries, but none did.

Now, the last one I can think of right now is not as admirable. She made her first pooh in the bath. A slimy green putty which she just calmly watch float by in pieces.

Daniel got hold of our camera and started taking random photos, like a close-up of the carpet design. Here's one he took of Aimee... she's not happy with him.

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