Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For those not on facebook... yes, you Peg!

Jeannie, Emma & Dirk

Dirk, Clive & Dewald

Helen & Clive


Clive, Helen, Dirk, Mike & Lauren

Aimee, Dirk & Emma



Here's just a quick update of the De Vyncks.

Emma has her own personal stylist in her sister. Regardless of the weather, Aimee likes to put out the little baby dresses for her. I have to engage in long arguments with a four year-old to explain that babies (unlike Aimee herself) don't wear summer frocks on freezing, wet days!

Our time in Durban was really good. I lived in that area for 12-odd years, but had no idea how to get anywhere. We relied on Mike's shakey GPS to get us about. Durban is in a sorry state and I was shocked to see how shabby the city is looking.

Mike, Clive and Nath did a stint on the wave machine. It's quite trickey and poor Dirk was flushed through many times before he started to get the hang of it.

Glenridge totally spoiled us with outstanding cappuccinos and food. The teaching was also well worth the trip up (R.T. Kendall and Tyrone Daniel spoke), but it was also good to just hang out with each other. It just broke my heart, though, to hear Daniel's and Aimee's voices on the phone each night. They sounded so sweet and small! They stayed with friends, Brian and Lynn, and had great fun - it was the first time we'd left them for so long. Well, four nights is long for me.

Emma is not a big fan of flying,as we discovered. She started screaming as we entered the plane, calmed a bit, and then made a pooh as we started to descend. I dashed to the toilet and changed her on the tiniest bit of plank hovered over the toilet bowl. Fun, fun, fun.

Oh, before I forget, our dog Oscar has found a happier home with friends on a farm just up theHemel-en-Aarde valley.

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Ramblingroses said...

Great to get your "new" news. Next you come to KZN we would love to see you - you can even all come and stay if you don't mind being sardines! The children are just too beautiful. Keep blogging - I'm also not joining the facebook jamboree cause I may just find myself trapped in cyberspace forever! Love to you all