Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Photos!

The other day, Aimee asks Dirk: "Dad, is God shy?"
Dirk: "No, why do you ask?"
Aimee: "Because we never see him!"

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Ramblingroses said...

What joy - little Emma Grace - she is quite beautiful. Believe it or not she ( and the rest of you) have been on my mind a lot. Your Mom brought me a beatiful orchid with minature pink buds when I was in hospital last week - and everytime I look at it it makes me think of Emma Grace and Joanie - Sue's little one now six months old - and the pure beauty of pink growing things.

Lots of love and blessings

PS: Sally and family arive from Aus on Sunday - Josh now 6 and Zach 4 - will get back to blogging updates

PPS: We are looking forward to Trev and Jo's next - maybe they will get bloggin too!