Monday, February 9, 2009


Here're a few things little girls in princess pink would never think to do, but big brothers would. In the last few days, Daniel has weed in his cup and then said that the dog did it (I threw the cup away, if you were wondering), he has drilled holes in the bathroom tile grouting using the end of the electric toothbrush, and he has turned my fridge up to the coldest and frozen half the fruit and veg. mmmmm.... when does a mother flip and when does she write it off as young boyish behaviour? (There was some flipping, by the way.)

Leaving it to the last possible moment, Dirk and I registered as Onrus voters this Sunday afternoon. I had been holed up at home with a tummy bug all day, but my civil conscience got the better of me and I hauled my weakened body down to the local church hall to do my duty. I still have no idea whom to vote for as none of the parties on offer are particularly appealing and some are downright frightening.


Simply-Mel said...

Good to see you back in blogville - cant believe you only have 2wks to go!! So exciting.

I advertised the dog on gumtree!! It took months of wearing Russ and Rachel down but eventually they agreed that having me psychotic on most days was just not worth it. The dog was very cute but such a freaking menace and utterly untrainabble. by me anyway. I have managed to persuade Rach to get a hamster (yuck!) instead of a puppy. I have agreed to consider one again when Levi starts school and I have more time to train a dog.

I swear it was worth the tears and accusations and more tears - NOT having that dog has increased my lust for life tenfold! Just do it before the baba comes. Deal with the fallout later.....

Kim said...

Hahahaha! funny stuff!

Wow! you are almost must be relieved?? I wonder what you are having :o) :o)

Ramblingroses said...

How's little Emma Grace fitting into all of this? We are waiting for her blog debut