Thursday, February 5, 2009

15 Days to Go

OK, I've been a blog slacker. But just two weeks to go - hello little person! I've been buying all the bit things on the list (after I was spoilt with lots of presents from friends :-) ), and I threw in a bottle of gripe water while at PnP just in case. I tried to see on the scan on Monday if there's a boy/girl kicking in there but it was all grey blobs and white squiggles to me. We don't want to know beforehand, but I'm so curious.

Dirk is working himself into a stupor (he's doing about three people's jobs... long dramatic stories at the Hermanus Times), but I still show very little solidarity when it comes to dog chores... if you don't have time for a dog... So I won't try to cram in all the news, but I'll just add a few photos.

Cousins at Christmas

Aimee with her Barbie car

Dirk and the kids

Dirk finally overcame my clinging-mom syndrome and got me to leave the kids with some friends for a night. He took me off to a guest house in Tamboerskloof in Cape Town for the weekend. Great idea, Dirk! Thanks for a wonderful time. When we went to pick up the kids, I barely got a hug before they were off playing again. Clive and Helen gave them a treat of a stay. (I'm just glad I didn't have to de-hook the fish Daniel caught!)

Dirk at the guest house

A very pregnant me at the guest house

Aimee's latest excuse for not sleeping - my nails are too long to sleep!

Here're some photos of Daniel's birthday. How can my little boy be six already? When did this happen?


Ramblingroses said...

Great family pics - especially of all the cousins - and another on the way. The beginning of a new journey - pray safe arrival and a generous dollop of wisdom and energy for parents X3.

Love Jill and Mike.

PS: Hope there will still be time to blog!

Kim said...

Fab photo's are looking gorgeously preggers by the way!

Good for Dirk taking you away like that...sounds like you had a great time.
PS I have another blog that is less scrap & more chat.
Here is the link: