Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Photos

I've hit that stage in pregnancy (30 weeks!) when I'm seriously tired in the evenings. So that's my excuse for the sporadic blogging, that, along with it being school holidays so there's not much time during the day. So here're a few photos which I took when I remembered to bring along the camera. Little people can get cabin fever rather quickly, so I try to get out each day at least once - visiting friends, going to the beach, or whatever comes to mind at the moment.

Hermanus is over-run with holiday makers. I can see why the locals hide away at this time and confine grocery shopping to after 7p.m. I think I may be looking forward to escaping the crowds by going to Stilbaai.

Breakfast with Maralize

Coffee with Louise at Kleinrivier

Daniel played with water for about two hours at Kleinrivier. (I justified it by saying he was watering the grass in the process... the sprinklers were on anyway.)

Lara disposing of a jellyfish at Sandbaai beach

Dirk and Daniel having supper on Sandbaai beach

Sally, Lara, Aimee & Sulette on Sandbaai beach

Dirk, Daniel & Mike at a braai at our place

Aimee & Lauren at same braai

We've been having our evening church meetings next to the Onrus lagoon for the holidays.

Dirk preached on Sunday at the lagoon (without the rusks).

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