Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Life has been full these last few weeks so I don't know where to begin. I think I'll just whiiish through one or two highlights.

We had the big year-end soccer challenge against Hout Bay Church International. A whole lot of us drove through for the big match, which was followed by a braai and then worship/prayer time. The night before, the leadership team stayed in Hout Bay just for a time to be together. All these special little moments add up to life-long memories.

The soccer match was hard fought and nothing was spared in niceties. At the end of full-time and extra-time, the score was 3-3, so it came down to penalty shoot-outs. Which we lost. I was mighty impressed with Dirk who stood his own against the young guys, albeit a little slower and probably a little worse for wear afterward.

Daniel spent the day hanging out with a couple of the older boys, which is a real treat for him. And Aimee came short on the jumping castle. A gust of wind blew the thing up into the air, and Aimee sailed off with it, and then landed under it. The poor child was somewhat traumatised. Maybe that will be the end of her jumping castle days.

{The guys are all sporting mustaches for the Mo-vember challenge fund raiser. Dirk made the finals, but didn't take the crown.}

Last week the kids had their concert, which played to a sell-out crowd - standing room only. The room was packed with parents armed with video cameras. The kids sang a whole lot of songs, with Daniel's class's big number being "Take a Chance" by Abba and the show ended off with everyone's favourite, "Jingle Bells". When Aimee lined up to sing, she was scanning the crowd, and then asked (loudly), "Mommy, where's Sally? Where's Sally?" Our friend had come to watch them - they love Sally.

Unlike the tradition, Father Christmas then came blazing in on a siren-blaring fire engine and distributed presents. Great fun all round. Daniel was sceptical about whether this chap was the real deal and came up with a list of reasons why this couldn't be The Father Christmas from the North Pole.

This weekend we had a visit from my dad, who stayed a couple of nights, and my mom and her husband, Piet, came up for a day on their way through to Knysna. The kids always love having the grandparents around - we just don't see enough of them!

Another little "highlight" happened a couple of days ago. Daniel was taking an awfully long time in the toilet, and emerged a little sheepishly. I went to investigate, to find he had used nearly a full roll of toilet paper to wipe. He claimed it was a very sticky pooh. It must have been, because I had to fish out the paper with a plastic bag to unblock the system. All in a day's work for a mom.

Aimee was sitting reading a magazine aloud to herself:-

Aimee: John 56:58... and Jesus said, "I come to bring you peace and Christmas hats."

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