Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding Fun

Daniel flying his kite

On Friday, we headed off on a little outing to Cape Town. I needed to go to the fetal assessment centre in Claremont for a detailed 23 week scan, so we all bundled in for the fun. Everything's just right with little one, and I'll try to get some pics off the dvd to post here.

We then met up with Mike & Lauren and Clive & Helen for lunch in Cavendish, but we still had the whole afternoon to cover until the relating leaders meeting at 7:30. So we filled the time wandering around, having coffee, watching some cricket at a grounds nearby, having supper... there is only so much one can do around there.

Saturday was Rudi's and Christine's big day - wedding time! It was a beautiful wedding out at Sumaridge wine farm. It didn't rain (good! as it was a picnic outside with no plan B), but it did get a little chilly. I dashed home after the ceremony to get us something warm, and lots of summery fancy dresses were covered up with guy's sweaters and jackets. But that didn't deter us from having a lovely day. It must be true love as Rudi sang to Christine despite the arrival of a bunch of biker boys on big machines who drove down the driveway as he started. Another highlight was Mike A's rendition of Kurt Darren's Meisie Meisie - and that darn lietjie stuck in my head for the rest of the weekend. (I'll post some pics as soon as I get sort them.)

I'm beginning to feel really pregnant now. On Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to sleep, but ended up fighting with a kite in the gusts instead. At least the kids had fun and it gave Dirk a moment's peace to finish his budget.

Aimee gets up and spends a good while choosing her outfit, and then sometimes she heads on to Daniel's cupboard and styles him for the day too. Daniel is very proud of his newly acquired skill of making fart sounds with his hand under his armpit. Girls and boys!

Some good news - we've finally ditched the very uncool CY Bellville number plate! We're now truely Hermanus folk.

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