Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stilbaai Reunion

Last Monday, we met up with Sam and the kids for an afternoon on the beach in the summer sun -it turned out to be the last of the summer sun for a while. As we were packing up to go, black clouds were closing in. After that, it rained for the rest of the week, causing havoc everywhere and distressing the farmers no end. So our planned beach evening with Sally on Tuesday had to be converted to a warm soup affair over lunch. What's going on, Weather?

Once again, Clive outdid himself with his cake decorating talents and produced a fine birthday cake for Angela's 10th birthday.

Willem (Dirk's older brother) is out from Canada for 10 days, so we headed up to Stilbaai this weekend for a mini family reunion. He came without his family this time - traveling abroad with four kids is not for the faint-hearted. It was lovely to see him again, and also to connect with the rest of the family. The cousins played up a storm and we got to chat and catch up.

Tommy, Christiaan and Daniel

Dirk, Elske, Jan and Willem

Daniel and Aimee

Liesel and Jan


After the prayer meetings on Thursday nights, Aimee travels home with me and Daniel goes with Dirk in the work car. Aimee always likes to get home first, but on Thursday, Dirk pulled off ahead of me. All the way home, Aimee kept shouting, "Take him over, Mom! There's space, take him over!" She gets that competitive edge from me, poor child.


allie said...

Just popping in to thank you so much for your comment:
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Dali said...

Just to let you know we've resumed blog life at http://papajerimun.blogspot.com/
Hope we have the time to update from time to time...
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