Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding dilemma

Unlike her mother at age four, Aimee is a sweet princess in pink and Crazy Store bling. I had to be bribed to wear a dress, whereas Aimee begs to wear one regardless of the weather. She chose the glitziest shoes in the shop when we went shopping this weekend. The other day, I asked the kids about a mess on the carpet in the lounge:-

Daniel: Wasn't me!
Aimee: Wasn't me!
Daniel: Wasn't me!
Aimee: No, I'm pretty! It wasn't me.

Now, how does being pretty exclude one from lounge carpet mess?

Saturday, Dirk took Daniel to watch a school cricket tournament which the Hermanus Times was sponsoring. They came back shiny red (dads aren't suncream maniacs like moms) and full of hotdogs and Coke. I took Aimee to the SOFCA fete as a consolation. It was a rather depressing affair. The hall had a few knitted goodies, some food tables and a white elephant stall which was really other people's junk. Lined up on a row of chairs down the middle, were frail old people watching the crowd. Some looked barely able to keep their heads up. It was all very sad. I bought some pancakes and headed for the amphitheatre in town to eat them - I think Aimee was a little disconcerted by the SOFCA experience.

In two weeks' time, we're going to a wedding in the valley. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm having an outfit crisis. The skirt I was hoping to still squash into it just a tad (ja, right!) too tight around the waist. I don't want to buy anything just for one day which I won't wear again after the baby is born...mmmm.... what to do. It's either borrowing something, or hitting Pep stores.

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croc-around-the-cloc said...

Hi Jeanie
Is it a 'larny' wedding? If not, go with leggings and a BIIIGGGG top!! who cares anyway....within 5minutes of everyone staring at who's wearing what, nobody cares....hee! hee! luv reading your 'diary' its great - when is the baba due? Kim only told me a couple of weeks ago....your daughter is such a cutie and her brother....hmmmmm.....he is just gorgeous...lots of lov Linny