Monday, October 13, 2008

Darn Dog!

I'm fully into pregnancy mushy-brain at the moment. The other day, I bought something for supper and then sat at the amphitheatre for a while until it was time to get the kids. I walked all the way back to the car - a good 10 minutes stroll - only to find that I'd left the shopping bag behind. Thankfully, it was still there when I powered back in under 5 minutes. I can't vacuum without losing my breathe, so that was no mean feat. I'm 20 weeks along now. Half way! Yay!

Oscar is decidedly in the dog house. He's chewing everything around including our outside furniture, which did not sit well with Dirk at all. It's from boredom, I'm told, but I suspect it might also be from benign neglect. When it's raining outside, the kids stay inside so the dogs get forgotten by their favourite playmates. Today, I caught him charging around the garden with my bra in his mouth. He had ripped some washing off the line...gggrrrr...

It's refreshing for the soul to get together with a bunch of genuinely wonderful people. We had two such occasions recently. One was Kayleigh's 16th birthday party, and the other was Christine's kitchen tea. At Kayleigh's party, there were people from 3 years-old to fifty-something, and she's friends with them all. Bev, her mom, had asked some women to write what they would do differently if they were 16, or just some words of wisdom for her, and then she put them together in a bound-and-scrapbooked book. What a treasure. Kayleigh is an exceptional girl - way different from the 16 year-old me.

On the last day of holidays, the kids and I went out for coffee with Helen and her mom. Helen took the prancing about and sibling squabbles in her stride, but I think poor grannie was a little frazzled by the end of it all.

Daniel was wondering why men in the "olden days" wore dresses. Good question. I guess a tunic is just another word for a masculine dress.

We've just got back from dropping Ouma off at the airport. She's off to visit Hans and Dali in St Albans, north of London, and to see their new baby, little Hans. Visiting airports always makes me itchy to go, go, go somewhere... sigh...

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