Monday, October 6, 2008

Bloemfontein and Back

Dirk and kids at Bloem zoo

Jessie, Aimee, Daniel and Josh

Well, we're back from Bloemfontein. I haven't blogged for a while mainly because my body and mind shut down around about the time we get the kids to bed - 7:30ish. I'm a wreck! Sometimes I just sit and stare while I gather energy to brush my teeth.

The Bloem LTT is always an intense time which leaves your mind and spirit spinning, but you feel ready to take on the world. I was expecting two nightmare drives to Bloem and back, but they were surprisingly plain sailing. The only nasty event was when Daniel reached for a cup of coffee at the Ultra City in Colesburg and spilled the lot on his shoulder. He was beside himself, screaming and crying. All the concerned ladies about rushed over to give advice. He's OK, other than a small scab where some of his skin came off when I ripped off his T-shirt.

It was good to get to know the Meirings a bit better - we shared a family suite and child-minding duties. Our kids lived on milkshakes and chips for a week, and we were almost on a first-name basis with the waitresses at the Spur.

Amidst 5000 people, I spotted Kim and Sue sitting a few rows down. We had a brief chat before the music struck up, but it was lovely to see them.

Two things I should mention which happened these past few weeks. Firstly, Dirk preached for the first time. He did very well! I think I was more nervous than he was, though. That weekend, my Mom and Piet came to stay and it was lovely to have them.

Three generations: my Mom, me and Aimee

Dirk, Daniel and Piet

The other thing (which I am tempted to keep under wraps, but I must give her her due) is that Sally finally beat me at squash. I think my squashing days are done until about April next year. I get out of breath if I vacuum the house, let alone running after a tiny ball. I've become slow and unco-ordinated. Sad, but true.

The other day, the kids were playing hide-and-seek. Aimee hid in my bedroom cupboard. Dirk was watching this whole thing and noticed something sticking out the door (my bra).

Dirk: Aimee, what's that sticking out the cupboard door?
Aimee: Mom's breasts!

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Heidi, said...

Hi Jeannie and family!

Lovely to read your story about Bloem LTT! I've interviewed my homegroup leader, who was there also, and was searching the web for more about Bloem. Our church is 'Het Kruispunt' in Holland, Voorthuizen. And because there are quite a lot SA-people there, your country is in our hearts/prayers!