Friday, October 17, 2008

Barbie and Parties

Four years old! How did that happen? Aimee turned four on Wednesday amidst much excitement. She'd barely opened her eyes before she headed for the pile of pink-wrapped presents in the corner of our room. Dirk and Grant spent Saturday making a Barbie-sized doll house for her, and Rose helped too by painting the roof. Thank-you, you two wonderful people! It was quite a task to get it from the McLuckie garage to our house (it's not small). It's solid and I've plans to have it last a good twenty years. At least it will last the onslaught of the hordes at Life Group each Wednesday. Daniel was in on the secret doll house construction project and we had to speak Afrikaans when referring to it. He managed to hold it in until her birthday - well done, Dan.

We had her party at school with a Barbie-and-horse cake and 24 party packs. I think school parties are the way forward - much less stress.


Anonymous said...

hello Jeannie, Decided to stop just reading your blog and actually say something. Like, Cheryl was here!! the pics of Aimee on her birthday are wonderful. See you Sunday. love Cheryl

Anonymous said...

well, I am not really anonymous but I don't how else to leave a post.

Simply-Mel said...

Faith and Aimee would get on like a house on fire!

Geez I lost all my blog fav's when my laptop died a while ago and I finally managed to find you again!