Monday, September 15, 2008

Hermanus Whales and Fun, Fun, Fun

Dirk & Jeannie, Rose & Grant, Nath & Di, Clive & Helen, Mike &Lauren

These past two weeks have been full of non-stop activity. Just a few highlights:

My Auntie Barbs and Uncle Eddie popped in for a visit on their way up the Garden Route. I haven't seen them in about two years, so it was a treat to chat with them again.

Cheryl had a girls' night at Daisy's place to celebrate her birthday. Anna-Grethe spoiled us with her famous cooking again and produced a yummy malva pudding, and the rest of the time was just a whole lot of laughing-fun.

Last Thursday, Nath, Di and the girls came through. Nathan spoke on Thursday night, and then on Friday, Di brought the girls around for a visit. My kids were so stoked to see their friends again. Aimee still says she wants to have her birthday party at their new house... mmmm... that will prove a little tricky as it's two hours away. That evening, we had dinner at Mike's and Lauren's, along with the Gernetzkys, the McLuckies and the Springs. It's always good for the heart to spend time with such all-round lovely people.

The rain dampened the beach-holiday vibe for the Wilds who spent three days with us last week. But it was still good to have them around, and the kids weren't deterred by the weather at all. They played up a storm. Last time they came to Hermanus it also rained, and I think the same happened the time before... oh, well. At least the whales are out in full force. The last three times I've gone to the Old Harbour to have a look, I've seen whales breaching in big-splash form. It's not something you see every time.

Dirk is preaching for the first time on Sunday evening, so he's been hibernating at his desk at every spare moment. I think I'm almost as nervous as he is! Aimee said on Saturday evening that she wanted to "give her heart to Jesus". So Dirk and I had the priveledge to lead her in a prayer. Wow. She just couldn't stop smiling and laughing. We as parents now have the sobering task of leading both our kids on a journey to loving God fully and life-long learning and adventure. It makes us check our lives closely as they are watching. They see whether we're the real-deal or just holy-talk.

I don't know what's come over me, but I've become suddenly domesticated. Yesterday, I baked scones, and today I've made cookies. Most odd.

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allie said...

Fantastic to have one of your kids come and ask to be helped to enter the Kingdom and belong to the King!
Its one of God's best gifts - seeing your children come to know and love Him, isn't it?
Good on yer on the domesticated front!
Can't remember when last I ate home made scones