Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mike's & Dani's Wedding at Houw Hoek Inn

Friday was the big day! Mike's and Dani's wedding. Thursday was dodgey and cold, Saturday was again miserable, but right in the middle, as an answer to much prayer, was magnificent Friday. It was a beautiful wedding, and here are a few photos of the day. (My shoes didn't hurt all that much in the end... wheew.. but I did have to stick them to my stockings with double-sided tape to prevent the strap from falling down every second step.)

Daniel and Aimee stayed with Hein and Bev for the night. It was their first sleep-over and they were beside themselves with excitement. All was well, until about 2 a.m. when Daniel woke up. Then at 4 a.m. Aimee woke up with a bad dream. Sweet big brother that he is, Daniel took her upstairs to Bev. Poor Bev then had to go sleep downstairs.

Yesterday, I said in a frenzied-mother moment, "Let's see who can be quiet the longest."

Five seconds later, Aimee (very loudly): Mommy! Look how quiet I'm being!

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