Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pirates and Princesses

The kids went to a Pirates & Princess party last week. I love kids' parties as I get to sit and chat over tea and cake, while the kids are entertained and someone else's house is messed up.

If Aimee isn't tired at bed time, she sits in her doorway and peers out. Sometimes she falls asleep there.

Dan and his drum kit

After the kids had totally overindulged at their party, Aimee wanted another sucker from her party pack.
Aimee, trying to convince me: "But Mom, suckers are a little bit healthy."

Last night, a group of us met up at Mara's just for a bit of fun. The kids asked who was going to look after them.
Me: "Papa."
They were most put out and wanted one of the fun babysitters.
Me: "But what about Papa?"
Aimee: "Daddy must stay at work."

Today was a perfect winter day with the just right amount of sun and blue skies to simply sit and enjoy. While we were looking for whales at the amphitheatre, Daniel came up to me.
Daniel: "Mom, Adam and Eve are white in all the stories, so when did some people become black?"
Mmmmm, how does one explain that?

Thought... why did the car box have a strong smell of wee? I threw them all into the bath and rinsed them down, but who weed in there?

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Simply Mel said...

Faith does EXACTLY the same thing as Aimee....she lies in her doorway until she falls asleep!

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