Thursday, August 14, 2008

These are Daniel's choices of library books. You don't need to know this level of physics until High School, my boy!

Aimee would choose all Barbie books if she could. I've limited it to one at a time.

I had such a weepie day on Friday. I was pathetic for no apparent reason. Must be the hormones.

On Friday, I challenged Dirk to a game of squash, but my champion status was quickly destroyed. He beat me - I put it down to my chesty cough ;-).

Dirk took Daniel to see Emo Adams on Saturday as he had been given free tickets. Dad enjoyed it, but I think it was a little above small boy's head. Aimee and I filled in the time with flapjacks at Mugg & Bean; yum.

Sunday restored my sporting pride when Dirk and I sorted out Mike and Lauren 6-0 6-1 at the local tennis club. I thought that I might forget how to even play, but it came back to me, albeit in a rusty way.

Aimee is a little socialite who only wants to wear princess or Barbie clothes and decks herself in fabulous bling. At Anna Grethe's birthday tea, she spent half the time on Sulette's lap. One lady (who didn't know us) asked if she were Sulette's daughter. No! She's mine!

Kids at Anna Grethe's Birthday
(Thanks Sulette for photo)

Milo ran away yesterday when the garden service guys left the gate open. He shot out and disappeared before I even knew which way he'd gone. About an hour later, I heard him barking at the neighbours' huge black dog, and I grabbed him quickly before he escaped again. He was the groot meneer for the rest of the day. Poor Oscar was most distressed when he was gone. He cried and peered anxiously through the window at me.

A thought: are you able to tell your friends that you love them? I could write it casually at the end of an e-mail, say, or may even be able to get it out in Afrikaans... "ek het jou lief"... said very fast. But to actually voice those words in English! ...."I bleee aaugg"... just can't do it. Maybe I'm a bit relationally inept.

{Tuesday evenings are becoming one of my favourite times of the week.}


growth stock said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Kevin Davis said...

Sorry about the hormones - glad I'm a dude. Love the physics book though - maybe he'll be a genuis and take care of mom and dad off his riches.

Simply Mel said...

I dont do the i love you thing. I expect the people I love to know. Am talking friends here. Am not very wordy at all ....

And I am helsa impressed that you are still physically competitive girl - sjooooeee!