Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nine week miracle

I went online to see how big our baby is now. I've forgotten all these fun things, so it's almost like a new adventure with number three.

Here's what I discovered:-

  • Baby has begun movement. While still too small for you to feel, your little one is wriggling, shifting, and dancing already!

  • Most joints are formed now. And trust that your little one is practicing bending and flexing.

  • Baby will curve its fingers around an object placed in the palm of its hand. This is amazing to see. At only nine weeks, if you happen to have an ultrasound, you may observe your infant fascinated by everything he or she can lay their fingers on (mainly other fingers, toes, ears and nose).

  • Fingerprints are already evident in the skin.

  • Average size this week -- length 2.3cm, weight 2gm

So this little person in me already has fingers and toes (albeit webbed ones), the beginnings of facial features, jointed limbs... and all at barely 2cm long. Wow. How can anyone justify abortion by calling a baby this size a mere cluster of cells?


Hayley said...

Hi Jean
Just found your blog, and was busy reading all your posts, when a fimilar face was staring back at me. I see you know Sulette, she is a very good friend of my husband, Francois! Such a small world.
Anyway, great blog, will keep popping in!

Hayley said...

Oh and sorry, I was busy checking the spelling of your name, and before I knew it, it had posted the comment - it was mant to read 'Hi Jeannie'