Wednesday, July 2, 2008

View from Essence Restaurant

Last Monday was Mike's and Dani's engagement party. There was a big crowd of people there, but all good friends and family. Mike and Dani said a few words, and then person after person stood up and spoke to them. During this time (while trying to determine what sound level was OK for half-a-dozen small kids in a room to make during a serious moment), I felt how wonderful - and unusual - it is for a couple to get married out of such a safe place with so many people loving them and rooting for them.

The week started off with another 4km run, but this time I ended up with serious jelly legs and a wide-spread heat rash.

We're into week one of the holidays. Next week is the Holiday Club.... Mission Possible... I'm helping out this year, with not a little trepidation. Yet, I think it's going to blow my mind, and be life-changing for many of the kids. So on Tuesday, Mara and I went to the primary school to hand out fliers. I had the back-up of my sweet children, but Mara had to hold her own at the other gate. It was all a bit freakish looking, especially since she was wearing an Indian tunic type thing. We could have been some weird cult trying to entice the children of the town.

A journalist at the Hermanus Times had her husband phone in to say that she was at the hospital.They soon found out that she went in to have a baby - she didn't even know she was pregnant. Since she is in her forties, she just thought she was hitting early menopause.

Thursday, we took Sally for a birthday latte at Essence. I'd not been there before, but I'll definitely go again. It's upstairs and has a fabulous view of the bay. We sat on couches and the kids ran around. The running around bit was a problem. (Note to self: work on kids' public behaviour.) Half way through, Daniel had a pooh emergency. He was knyping hard, but he doesn't like to do his business in public toilets. But who does? Eventually, we persuaded him to give it a try, but he then got stage fright and had no action. Poor guy.

Saturday, Lara and Sally had a joint-birthday dance party. Just girls were invited. I'll put some photos up when I get the chance to sort them, but it was good fun. There was a cool inner circle, and an uncool outer circle of one-move-only dancers. I was firmly in the latter category.

I decided to see whether my ear piercing holes were still open. They weren't. A thin layer of skin had grown over them. But I resolutely set forth, disinfected a needle and began to work my way through. Ow! Ow! Half way through the operation, the kids started fighting, so I charged out with a needle dangling from one lobe. I think the sight of their mother with a needle in her ear was enough to make them forget what they were fighting about.

While sitting at the dinner table, Aimee, out of nowhere asked, "Who has the stinkiest breathe?"

Daniel, when caught in a act of disobedience: "It wasn't me who did it, it was the naughty boy dressed up as me."

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