Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't keep the old girls down

The other day at Helen's house, Maralize was boasting about her crack 30 Seconds team. So Helen and I rose to the challenge and we gathered together a team of game enthusiasts to take them on. So on Monday night, we went to Mara's. The stakes were high. We weren't just playing for fun.

Old ppl team: Me, Helen, Cynthia and Sam.
Young ppl team: Mara, Christine, Dani and Lara.

The competitive tiger raged in me that night. I have been trying to tame it over the last years (Dirk is always laughing at me about it). But we couldn't lose! If we lost, we had to take the girls out with us dressed in school uniforms. I could not let that happen.

I'm sorry I didn't bring the camera along, but I'll be sure to when we go out with the losing team :-).

Sally let me win at squash on Tuesday (yeah, right) because she knows that if I lose I'll just cry. Can't have a scene in public.

To celebrate - if that's the right word - Sulette's last day at her current job, we went out to the local restaurant overlooking the Onrus lagoon. It was mighty chilly outside, but that didn't stop one-man-and-his-dog playing on the beach and swimming in the rain. Daniel and Aimee shared a hamburger and chips... Aimee ate a few chips and licked the tomato sauce. Come to think of it, she has hardly eaten a thing all day. I've long since given up trying to get in her five varieties of fruit and veg a day.

Brigitte and Clive dropped off a cot for us today. It's dominating the bedroom and will probably do so for a good year or two to come, but I can't think of where else to put it. I'm super glad about the cot as I wanted a proper wooden affair for the other kids, but we had to make do with a camp cot. Hannah brought a box of baby goodies around yesterday, so already things are stocking up. There are good people everywhere!


Simply Mel said...

oh cr*p. How broody am I? Am not visiting your blog any more.....LOL

Hayley said...

Its such a small world! I know we really need to get out that way and visit her, and we LOVE Hermanus. Promise not to mock Sasolburg too much :-)

PS Congrats on the pregnancy, getting broddy myself :-)