Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The morning sickness is now in full swing. But it's an all-day bleh feeling. One of my worst things is vomiting, and I've had that unwelcome pleasure last night, and again this morning. Just another eight weeks or more to go of that - just par for the course, I guess.

Helen invited me to watch her daughter (9 yrs old) dance in the local Eisteddfod on Saturday, so I took Aimee along to have a look. Poor Clive (dad) and Matthew (brother) looked most out of sorts sitting in the back and I noticed they ducked when they could take no more. It was quite charming all round and Aimee seemed to enjoy it. She sat on Mara's lap, periodically getting off to swish around in her new high-heels. That was all her heart desired, so I eventually caved and bought her a toy pair at The Crazy Store. I can't get them off her. I had caught a lift with Bev to the dancing, having left Dirk and the guys watching rugby at Hermanuspietersfontein. Daniel likes to be one of the boys and hanging out with his dad is his favourite thing. That night, we hooked up with the Stephensons for an impromptu braai at their place.

Sunday after church, Dirk and I escaped for the afternoon to Somerset West. We were going to watch a movie - my first big screen viewing in more than a year, maybe two - but there was nothing showing that we wanted to see. That star person, Sally, looked after the kids for us. Later in the afternoon, she took them over to Bev's and Hein's as she was having dinner there. So we picked the kids up at the Mollers, but stayed for desert and coffee (well, Dirk had the coffee, I had some smart herbal-mix tea). Kayleigh had made her yummy chocolate and malva puddings, so it was worth the stop over. Every few minutes, Daniel would come inside to haul out another willing grown-up to come and buy from the kids' shop outside. While we were kuiering lekker inside, Grant, Lara and Kayleigh were outside in the semi-darkness bouncing the kids on the trampoline.

I played squash again tonight which actually seemed to help the nausea. Maybe I should up my game in the exercise department this next while.


KJ-Starre said...

Oooh! sorry you are feeling poep! I remember that awful feeling all too well. I hope it passes soon. How far are you???

allie said...

Horrible feeling!

Better play a LOT of squash, hmmm?