Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to normal

The school holidays flew past, and now we're back into normal routine (which means getting up way too early!). We spent a few days in Stilbaai visiting Dirk's parents. The weather wasn't great, but us poor TV deprived De Vyncks at least got to watch the Wimbledon finals and some rugby. Daniel also played endlessly with his cousin Tommie. Somehow, they manage to communicate with each of them vaguely understanding the other (Tommie is Afrikaans). Andries and Coia (friends from Stanford) were also there so we had a little visit with them.

The next week I entered a parallel universe for four days - the Holiday Club.... Mission Possible.... The young team who runs the kids' ministry at Live the Life are truly amazing. And that week just confirmed that for me even more. Wow! It's hard to believe that they are mostly in their early twenties. I'll see if I can get some photos from some of the prolific snappers around.

We ended the week with lots of activity. On Saturday, Mike and Lauren came for lunch. We got to inaugurate our new fireplace. Woohoo.... a warm lounge at last. Sunday, we had lunch at Rose's and Grant's beautiful new house. Mike and Lauren, and Len and Leigh were also there. I would have had seconds and thirds of that yummy food, but I was leaving space for our progressive dinner later that night. We had the starter at our place {which I burned a bit :-( }, moved on to Chantal's and Werners' for the main, and ended up at Bev's and Hein's for the dessert. That was my first progressive dinner - it was good fun, and the kids had a high time.