Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We reached our data cap a week before the end of the month. It was bizarre to be cut off from the Internet.

Helen has decided that we need to take up bridge to keep our brains ticking over. I think it may be a good idea as all these years of Barney and the like are taking their toll.

The other day, Aimee was going through a 'telling on' spell. I told her that I didn't want to hear it anymore. So she came into the room and started-
Aimee: Daniel....
Me: Aimee, I don't want to hear you telling on.
Aimee: Not YOU, Mommy.
She was talking to the pretend Mommy who always says yes.

The young girls here are amazing when it comes to babysitting. My kids love them, and I have to wrestled them to the ground to get them to take any money for their services, and even then, I am usually unsuccessful. Maralize made a deal with me - she said she would look after the kids on Monday night if I went running with her. So, despite my warnings of hyperventilation and collapse, we ran down to the beach and back on Monday morning. (Well, "ran" is a bit strong. "Shuffled" is more like it.) But, I made it all the way! It turned out to be 3,6km. I didn't think I would even make 360m. Thanks, Mara.

Next up is squash with Sally and Rina. I'm on a roll to make up for all the coffee outings I've been have. I'm searching for the best latte in town. My new discovery is a little gallery which has a restaurant called The Barefoot Cook. Wonderful spot with a courtyard for summer and a kaggel for winter. The only snag is that there's no latte on the menu.


allie said...

I saw your blog referenced on Mel's Five-browns . . .
Mel has great taste - I taught her well :-)

I like your style - you make me laugh - and speak my language (besides English!)

Dali said...

Hi Jeannie!
Have been reading the blog, so updated with your news, always making me laugh... Haven't updated mine though. Been very lazy (not to say heavy and slow) latelly! :) Thinking of you guys,
Love, Dali

KJ-Starre said...

Hey least you have baby sitters....condition-and-all. I am proud of you running all that me the post box seems far.
Glad you are all well, happy & getting cuter everyday(Daniels comment)