Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kyra & Daniel

Anna, Aimee & Bridget

Anna & Aimee

The past week has been a busy one connecting with people. But busy in a good way.

It finally dawned on Aimee a few days ago in the car that her friends Kyra and Anna were not going to come back from Hout Bay. She was very upset. The Gernetzky family are moving tomorrow. Today, a bunch of us helped them pack, and Nath and Di were the picture of calmness as they went about baby business and sorting. This past year has been most remarkable for us, and a large part of that is because of Nath and Di. Just the way they befriended us, drew us into community and simply by the way they live. We have been profoundly changed, and also, we have seen a church living together in a way I've never experienced before. This afternoon, the kids and I went around to Bev's to play. We were chatting around these things and they have felt the same. They moved here about the same time we did. (Interesting aside: Hermanus was once a place that burned-out pastors were sent to recuperate.) But we are all excited for what the future holds. There have been many words spoken over this transition.

This weekend was an intense time, with a party for the Gernetzkys on Friday to thank them, and then on Sunday morning, Rigby & Sue and some of the elders from Friends First (now Common Ground), came to oversee the official hand-over to Mike and Lauren. Mike went all-out with the party and it will be one of those nights to remember.

Andries and Coia came for lunch on Sunday, and then the men went off to play soccer. I met up with Sam so the kids could run around a bit, and we wanted to play cricket with them, but they soon lost interest. It ended up with Sam, Joan and I having a little game. I had flash-backs to my games with the Meyer cousins. All good fun, and Sam even complained that her muscles were hurting the next day...

Tonight, Sam organised an evening at Lara's place. Dani made supper - which I didn't expect, but it was yummy - and then we watched Pride & Prejudice. Looking around the room, I was just sobered by what an exceptional group of women they are. What a privilege to be connected with them in some way. Sometimes, it's the little things that end up mattering the most. It was a lovely evening, despite being smoked out by Sally's attempt at fire-making. I must learn to stoke up a fire properly without using a whole box of blitz at each failed effort.

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croc-around-the-cloc said...

You're back Jeanie - i love your blog I feel I know all the characters in your blog. And your kiddlets their sayings are just too precious for words, makes me giggle out loud when I log on at my office!! Keep well from a sunny Britain..:O)