Monday, June 16, 2008

Another one!

Bizarre but true, we have another dog. We went to visit our friends in Stanford this morning, and came back with a puppy. How did that happen? We named him Oscar, and he's really quite sweet. His mother is a Jack Russell, but we're not at all sure about the father.

Aimee came to me the other days and said, "Mom, please buy me pick-up shoes. Like this." She stood up on her toes - she was referring to high heels. Where does she get that from? The number of times I've worn high heels I can count on my fingers, and they were only in extreme cases such as my own wedding.

On Friday evening, we had a little night-out at the Ocean Basket. Seafood is not my all-time favourite food, but it was nice to be just Dirk and I for a change. Being a long weekend, Hermanus was busy and the Ocean Basket was no exception. They herded us in and delivered the food and bill at a super fast rate, so we were in-and-out before we knew what hit us. We ended up wandering around in the cold, drizzly town and then came home to watch the end of a movie with the babysitter.

Dirk's Uncle Wouter died about two weeks ago. They chose not to have a traditional funeral, but instead held an open day where people could drop by to pay their respects and chat over coffee. So we drove to Paarl on Saturday afternoon to visit Tannie Helen and her family. We met cousins whom Dirk has not seen for 10-15 years.

Sunday was the hand-over at Hout Bay Church International, and probably most of Live the Life drove through to be there. It was a happy, yet serious morning. Many people's lives will change because of what God is doing there.

Just as Daniel was drifting off to sleep, he said, "Jesus was wearing purple today." I guess he was referring to the picture Bible. When he was two, he asked me why Jesus always wore blue. (Also from kids' Bible).

Mara looked after the kids tonight for nothing more than a  Ricoffey (Bleh!) and a packet of pistacchios. What a champ!

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allie said...

I'm beginning to connect some dots.
MM and I have recently joined Common Ground Church so we heard about the Hermanus/Hout Bay hand over thing - obviously you know the people who have moved from there to Hout Bay.
Small world.

Loved the 'pick-up' shoes story!
One of my fav things is the way small children say things. . .
Its so refreshing.
Once I asked Faithy (at age 3) what family is.
Her answer?
"FOR each other"
Isn't that breathtaking and profound?!
It would have been profound if it had been said by a professor, if you ask me!