Saturday, June 21, 2008

Daniel & Oscar

Aimee keeps asking me if winter is finished yet. I think it's because she wants to wear her skirts. So today - the actual middle of winter - I let her wear her favourite purple one, albeit with some long pants underneath. There is just no reasoning with a three year-old.

I suppose the thought crosses every kid's mind, but Daniel asked me if God has a wife. Fair question; difficult to explain how he has a son, but no wife.

I decided to haul out a pair of high-heels to see if I could manage to wear them for the full duration of a wedding and reception. An upcoming wedding of friends of ours has "Dress: formal" on the invitation, so I thought it best to try be a little smarter than my usual attire. But I barely made an hour in them. If I go this route, I might need regular shots of pethidine just to be able to walk! Aimee was beside herself with excitement, and I had to resort to threats to get them off her.


Ramblingroses said...

Jeannie - your blog is good for my soul. Your kid's stories make me laugh out loud - keep writing.

Oh you'll enjoy this one. A friend of mine's three year old grandson was telling her how his other granny got very sick and died. She was, he said, cancelled.

Footnote: she died of cancer! Funny story - even for those of us who have been down that route

croc-around-the-cloc said...

Hi Jeanie from a still lovely sunny southern England. The New Forest is so gorgeous this time of the year. I feel as if I know all your friends!! the wonders of get to read about other people's lives, much better than going to the library!!
Blessing and lots of luvvvv
Lin (alias croc-around-the-cloc)