Saturday, May 10, 2008

Peanuts and dogs

I'm posting this via email, so I have no real control over the layout. The photos (appearing somewhere?) are of the kids dressed for a cowboy party, Daniel and Kyra and Dirk with the kids making a potjie.

Nath, Di and their girls came over for dinner last night. We will all miss them terribly.

Dirk had a "boys" day today. This morning a whole lot of guys went to Leonard's house (he's a chef) and he did a big-boys fry-up. This afternoon, despite the incessant wind, they all played soccer on the high school field. Uncle Brian, the oldest there, took refuge in the goals, and then the next oldest was Dirk. But he really held his own with the young blokes, one of whom is a professional footballer in the UK. Dirk came back to the car, limping but grinning.

Some of the workers at Fruit & Veg know our kids by name. They always chat and greet them. Yesterday, Daniel wanted some peanuts, but he wanted more than I had in the bag, so he grabbed the handle of the dispenser. Peanuts flooded the bag and the floor in a great rush. They just kept coming! Daniel sat on the floor and stared at the heap. One of his Fruit & Veg friends came over to clean them up and gave him a long talk about how God was going to punish him. There were mighty wide eyes in a small face! An oldish lady nearby was equally horrified and kept repeating, "You're a good boy, Daniel."

Last night, Aimee was sitting on the floor, idylly playing, when she said - dead seriously, "So Mom, how much is that doggy in the window?"


KJ-Starre said...

Hi De Vyncks...glad to see you are all happy & doing life the old fashioned way....relaxed!

I love the community side of your Church...they have it waxed. They could teach ours a thing or two :o)


Five-Browns said...

I heard a woman once tell her kid to be quiet in the queue or the police would come lock her up! The kid was bout 3.

Please tell me how to email photos to blogger cos I am in the same boat as you.

TOOLBAR-LESS just for a change.