Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Sleep In

It was the last day of the school holidays today. We started the day trying to figure out what the mystery smell in the garage was. Still no answers, but it's not so bad now. Other than that moment of intrigue, nothing much happened, except when Daniel came to me and said that Milo ate all the cookies. Yeah, right...

I treated the kids to milkshakes at the village square for their last holiday day. It was one of those perfect Hermanus days. The either very-white or very-red tourists were out in full gear taking pictures of Walker Bay. But who can blame them their eager awe on a day like this. So, it's back to getting up and dressed at a normal hour tomorrow... it's all go, go, go. I hope it works out well at the new school. I'm trying not to fret about it.

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