Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I feel like a PC sleuth -  I've discovered a way around the no toolbar/no photo posting problem. Blogger allows you to email a post to them. Very sneaky. Well, I'm not so smart as I can't find the Bluetooth thing so I can't get the photos off my cell phone!

Well, we're well into the Easter holidays. All things considered, we're doing quite well. The kids are actually learning to entertain themselves- with a little guidance and for brief periods. It usually results in a horrifying mess, but it's worth it. Unless we have an early-ish get together with someone, we tend to wander around the house with wild hair and in our pyjamas . The kids only end up brushing their teeth around lunch time.

While driving...
Aimee: I saw a man drink petrol and then turn into a banana.

Daniel is now a 'groot maneer' - he climbs onto the garden wall and sits there with the neighbours' kids. Poor Aimee is delegated to passer-up-of-things person.

Not much to report on this weekend. Dirk and Neels went canoeing on Saturday afternoon and Anna-Grethe and I sat in the usual spot and watched the kids play on the beach. We then went back to their place and had lekker koffee-en-koek-en-kuier. It ended up being a lovely afternoon. I was hoping to sleep on the couch, but I think I chose the better option. On Sunday after church, Dani and Mike came for lunch. Dirk put together a Thai green curry - yum.

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Anonymous said...

woo hoo, you are a clever chicken. blogger nearly drove me nuts. wordpress is pretty easy to figure out. but still much faffing going on......