Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hold It In

I can be quite squeamish, but when it comes to the kids, I just have to block all that out. During this past week, here are a few things I had to just get over...
  • I came into the bathroom to find wee all over the floor. Daniel finally confessed to trying to wee through a soap wrapper: unsuccessfully.
  • Aimee vomited a vast pool of projectile vomit onto my leg while sitting on the couch. Thanks Dirk for cleaning it up! {I took care of Aimee.}
  • Aimee handed me a mushy, wet ball of toilet paper at supper time saying it was full of snot. It was actually full of half-chewed vegetables.
  • At bed time, Daniel started to cry because he had made such a smelly fart that he couldn't sleep.
  • The kids played in the jacuzzi at swimming lessons with full-steam runny noses. I hate to think how much snot ended up in there.
Aimee reached for a two litre bottle of milk on the counter and knocked it over, letting most of it gush into a big puddle on the floor before crying hysterically.

Over the last few days, we have been processing the thought that Nath and Di are leaving to take over a church in Hout Bay. I could go on for pages about the emotions involved and how we and our friends are dealing with this.... but I won't... I'll just say we're very sad to see them go, but are anticipating much in God for both communities- here with Mike and Lauren, and there.

For those of you who don't know them, here are pics of Nath and Di, and Mike and Lauren. Thanks Cynth for the pics!

Di & Nathan

Mike & Lauren


KJ-Starre said...

Your gross list is so funny! Funny how much of our lives with kids includes so much body fluid or gas hahaha!

Sad, sad news about Di & Nathan....taking over Hout Bay...WOW! what a huge responsibility.
Hang in there...we have to hold onto the 'God's in control' thing.


Five-Browns said...

I had such a good chuckle at your yuck list. We are all in similar boats for sure.

Wowee but Nath and Di. Hectic change for you all but it keeps us young, on our toes and ever-growing ne?