Friday, April 11, 2008


Aimee & Daniel

Tre, Josh & Daniel

Brigitte Wrapped Warmly for the Beach




Aimee, Daniel & Jessie

Sam organised a camping trip for Moms and Kids for the last bit of the school holidays. Now, I hate camping. (Snakes, dodgey showers, wet tents... to name just a few drawbacks) I was putting my hopes out for torrential rain as a valid excuse, but the closest we got to that was a 30% chance of drizzle. So, I was nif-naf (Helen's word) and opted out of the sleep-over. Dirk, bless his heart, also said he was worried about us being just women out on our own. He didn't have to say it twice to convince me.

So, today I drove through to Uilenkraalsmond Kamp Terrein for a day-trip. It turned out to be fun! The kids were hardly to be seen, except when we were trying to play a board game and then they descended like flies. Daniel hopped on to Jessie's bike and rode off like a pro. Well, he needs help getting on, but then he's on his way. Maybe next time I'll be up for the tenting bit. It didn't look too hard.

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