Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yesterday, we were all miserable to say good-bye to my brother, Trev, and his wife, Jo. They stayed with us for the Easter weekend and went back to Knysna for a week. The kids attached themselves to them, which was almost like a holiday for me. There was some young sibling sparing which might have been just a tad too much for Trev and Jo, but they graciously took it in their stride. Aimee asked me if Auntie Jo was the Queen of London.

We were treated to lunches and dinners - much fine dining. Thanks Robertses (both families)!

While in Knysna, Aimee slept in the same room as I, so I got to hear her sleep talking:-
"I can't find my book!"
"Go Peggie, go, go , go!"

One night, purely out of curiosity, we watched Flashdance which my mom bought on dvd. It has thin on storyline with lots of 80's big hair and way too many body shots of women thrashing about in Jane Fonda inspired dancing, leg warmers and all. But it has a nice ending. I only found out in Varisty that people like me with very curly hair should never, under no circumstances, brush their hair while it's dry! Luckily for me, fizzy hair was the envy of all in the 80's - some even paid good money for perms to get that look. Here's a quote from the movie (something like) "When you give up your dreams, you die."

Aimee had a few days of green poohs. There was no obvious explanation, but when I asked her if she had eaten anything green, she said that Milo (our dog) had made her eat grass.

Daniel has known for some time now that babies are made with the sperm from the dad and the egg from the mom, but exactly how that all happens had not been discussed... until we could avoid the question no longer. So Dirk took Daniel aside and explained the whole process. Daniel wasn't too phased, but asked, "Do you have to go to hospital to do it?"

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