Monday, March 10, 2008

WooHoo, toolbar's back!

I've been a slacker-blogger because the toolbar issue has made me so fed-up, but today - yay - it's back. I won't bet the farm on it staying for long, but there's hope.

Dirk left for Madagascar on Sunday with Nathan. I put on a brave face, but Daniel was fragile all day. The guys are visiting some churches there, connecting with the people and dodging cyclones. With the Rand in freefall, I think it is one of the few places you can still enjoy a steak-and-chips without feeling bad.

But since the moment they drove off in Jeff's long car, people have been so great to us. Every second person has been offering help. Kyra invited our kids over on Sunday afternoon (I tagged along); this afternoon we played at the Meirings; tonight, Helen made some yummy spread at their spot for us; tomorrow we're off for pizzas with Grant and Rosemary... and the fun has only just began.

I try not to get nervous at night, but we all three of us flap around in one bed (the kids flap, I huddle protectively in one corner), and we have super watchdog, Milo, on guard in the garage.

On Friday, some of us non-working folk from LtL joined some OT students at a fun day of Boere Sports for the Lukhanyo Primary School Grade 1s & 2s. The teachers are marvels in themselves with 50 kids per class to deal with. Mara and I manned the three-legged race station. We all had a good laugh - the only low point was when Mara called me "Tannie". Tannie! She said there is a 10-year rule: if someone is more than 10 years older than you, you call them Oom/Tannie. She is 23, I'm 35. You do the maths.

Saturday night was a treat of note. Bev and Hein invited us and the Steyns over. The Mollers really know how to lay out a spread. At the end of the evening, the kids left filthy and covered in khoki drawings, but happy. We just rolled them into bed and turned a blind eye to the screaming need of a bath.

Our kids and Olivia

All around Hermanus, I hear British accents. Love them.

Earlier this week, Aimee came running to me on distress. "Mommy! My eina's broken." Her scab was peeling off.

No real progress on the school front. I went to see a school this morning which might be the solution. I'm just hoping the answer is not home-schooling for the year!

Boys seem to do things girls just never think of. I found Daniel playing with a grasshopper. He had built the poor creature a house using old bricks. The thing was in a miserable state, and Daniel told me that it's "jumping legs" came off. Yeah, right... I'm sure they just fell off by themselves.
Dirk & Nathan

Milo and his new friend

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