Saturday, March 15, 2008


Dirk seems to be having a solid experience in Madagascar. I don't think he's having an easy time, what with his dodgey stomach, but it is nogal a good time. He wasn't unprepared for the stomach bug, though, as he was super careful to pack diarrhea pills. Nathan's been having a good laugh at his floral board shorts. Maybe we should get the poor guy a new costume or he'll never live it down amongst the surfer boys of Hermanus.

I've got a pic of him with his flowery shorts on a beach in Madagascar, but the toolbar is gone again.....nnnrrrr.

This week has been a whirl of socialising. Every day - sometimes a few times a day - I've been invited out. Thanks, thanks! It has made this week without husband/dad so much easier to get through.

Today, the kids and I drove up to Knysna. It is so good to see my brother and his wife again after two years! Two years is just too long. I think I need a job (of the paying sort) to be able to visit family abroad more often.

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Kim Watson { KJ-Starre} said...

Flowery shorts, now that's a thought :o) Glad your new 'family' are looking after you, there is nothing worse than being with out your man & having no-one to visit.

2 yrs is a long time....hope you had a good time with them anyhow. They must have been so shocked how the children have changed?
Miss you guys.