Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Like Potatoes

We've gone from killer heat to serious rain. Great rivers-in-the-road type of rain. Just how I like it. To ward off the cabin fever, I borrowed some kids dvd's from the Gernetzkys. It was well worth the trip out in the torrent.

This morning, I watched Faith Like Potatoes. Wow. Watch it, please - just be prepared to cry great ugly-eyes tears. It's even more moving when you see that it's based on a true story. It challenged me to look at how I live my hours in the day; which all add up to the years of a life (before one knows it).

The Mc Luckies took us and the Gernetzky girls out for pizza tonight. That couple are "sout van die aarde soort mense". I'm glad they decided to move to Hermanus.

Now, for want of something better to do, I'm going to delete about 200 sms's off my phone, one by one, as this phone doesn't have a "delete all" function.

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