Monday, March 3, 2008


We notched up our eleventh wedding anniversary on Saturday. It feels like I've been married forever, but also that it was just a moment ago that it all happened. Odd. The first song we sang on Sunday evening at church was one we sang on our wedding day ("Here is love, vast as the ocean..."). {I had nothing to do with song selection, by the way.} Something just cracked in me and I was desperately trying not to cry. I don't do crying in public. I was just overcome by God's goodness to us, together. I could go on, but I'm slipping into soppiness here. But thanks, my man Dirk. You're champion.

The kids picked their favourite babysitter to keep an eye on them while we went out to dinner. We chose a spot we wouldn't normally dig deep for. Early into the evening, we noticed that we were the youngest couple there, and judging by the foreign accents around us, the only locals.

Saturday morning was the men's breakfast. Poor Helen has been designated fruit-salad maker for the past few times. She tried to hand the directorship over to me, but I swiftly avoided it. Just give me something to chop, and I'll do it! Cooking/baking is way down low on my skills list.

Our friends, Gwen and Arnold, were both born on 29 February. Now that's a good party story. They had a birthday celebration on Friday as it was their only chance for another four years.

And to wrap up the weekend news, Grant and Rose invited us and the Gernetzkys for a picnic at Fernkloof for Sunday lunch. What a gourmet treat we had... gnocci salad.... ice-cream and chocolate sauce for pudding, amongst other things... great. The kids were suitably dirty and sticky afterwards. A good sign.

Little aside:
The kids were making a noise during Life Group, so one of us went into the bedroom to tone things down a bit. A minute later, Aimee pops out...

Aimee (loudly): Mommy, someone's talking!
Me: Yes, you!

Oh, one more thing. Milo has a new friend. We were thinking of getting another dog to keep him company, but we've been spared the hassle as the neighbours' dog now jumps into our garden and plays with him. She's a little black thing that runs along the top of the wall between our houses. He is beside himself with joy. The only downer is that she eats his food and poohs on our grass.


KJ-Starre said...

I love how you can condense an entire week into a post & keep it riveting. 11 years CONGRATULATIONS!! It's cos you are both so nice...:o)

Good on ya for treating yourselves to a is good for the soul sometimes.

Great set up...2nd pet you don't have to pay vet bills for...the poo is obviously an issue....tell Dirk it is the 'husbands' job to deal with it. Do you think he'll oblige?

Hugs to you all.


Five-Browns said...

Jeannie,am tryna figure out why you and me have such hassles with our toolbar. Mine is still awol. Do you use 3G or ADSL? It is driving me insane. I cant edit my sidebar or template either. Email me on and lets try figure out how to beat Bloody Blogger.