Friday, February 1, 2008

Web Addict

We reached our Internet data cap a few days short of the month so I haven't been online. What a trial it has been for this Web addict - serious withdrawal problems.

If you have kids you have no need for alarm clocks, as all parents can testify. Clockwork Daniel hopped into our bed this morning and I picked up this little conversation in my semi-sleep state:-

Dirk: "Daniel, you're wiping your snot on my pillow."
Daniel: "No, it's not snot, it's just slob."
That's a comfort to know.

KJ, you're tag maniac! I'll do your tag in the interest of Web harmony, but I'll not pass it on to some other poor soul.

L - Love my life right now
I - Inhibited by my phobia about cracking eggs (stems from a childhood trauma: really!)
N - Not into R & B and hip-hop music
D - Dread facing the Hermanus Pick 'n Pay parking lot
S - Saunas are my favourite part of the gym (no sauna at current gym... will leave when contract's up).
A - Aaah, but the Lord is good to us.
Y - Yay! to my husband and kids. You're champion!

We started our new Life Group (Cell Group, Home Group...) on Wednesday. I'm excited about it, if a little daunted. On Nath's and Di's list of people they thought could join us, there are 17 adults, 1 teenager, 5 kids and 4 of the women are pregnant. But what a great group of people!

These are photos of our swim at the Paradise Park caravan park pool with Sam, Josh and Jessie. The kids had a great time, but the place is a bit sad. It's something of a remnant of the glory days of caravaning.

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