Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We ventured forth into the city again today to put the kids onto Dirk's Dutch passport. From the moment we left home, there was a non-stop stream of conversation from the back of the car. The kids barely stopped to draw breath. Since Dirk and I had both gone to bed way too late, we were somewhat shattered and could hardly process what they were saying.

On the way home, Aimee was singing to herself, "Great are you, Lord. Mighty and strange..."

One of the young guys from the church invited us to supper tonight. I was most impressed how he put together a good meal without help. Go Dewald! Our kids can't pronounce his name properly, so they say "devil" instead of Dewald. Oops, must work on the elocution.

Peg, the Zoobs are a big hit. Daniel spends hours playing with them, and as an added bonus, they can easily get packed along when we go out to places where kids need to sit still. {Never happens - sitting still, that is - but we try.}

Still no toolbar... very grumpy.


Five-Browns said...

Mine toolbar has also vamoosed again. Had it for one day. Went to my ma to post pics for todays post. Desparate times.....

Ramblingroses said...

Hi Jeannie - just love your blog - kids comments make me chuckle - and all the family pics are such fun - other than the ironing wound! Jill (Rose)