Friday, February 15, 2008

We had a low-key Valentines Day this year with nothing really planned. I had a chance meeting with Cynthia in the main road which led to a quick coffee break before the school run. We had decadent coffee/chocolate ice-cream things in tall glasses. I left feeling in decidedly good spirits. She is a blessing all round.

We're in Stilbaai this weekend visiting Dirk's folks. Milo (dog) came with us. He was miserable in the car and left some spuit-poep sprayed around the lounge for Dirk to clean upon our arrival... part of the deal with us getting a dog was that Dirk would deal with nasty dog messes. But Milo is in his element here. He has some dog friends to play with and is allowed into the house. Poor bloke will be back to living outside on Monday with no kieke putjes (chicken feet) for breakfast.

We stopped by Jan's and Liesel's place today. The kids disappeared outside with cousin Tommie, and Dirk got all broodie with baby Luca. Uh-oh.

Still no toolbar... still no photos... still very gggrrrrrr.


Binos said...

Hey Jeannie. Ja - I am sooo grateful for the proximity of my mama - grans rock! The tool bar thing SUCKS. Yes - blogger does this often. Mine has also malfunctioned. Very frustrating. Hope you guys are loving Kerk with Nath and Di. Loving FF. Lol Sarah

Ramblingroses said...

This 'blog chat' is fun - Sally and Sue refer to me as e-granny! It really does get addicitve. Sally and Paul pretty settled - the nuts and bolts in place. The church they have joined is friendly and the young families very inclusive - even of grandparents. Spent six weeks with them - Sydney is a wonderful city -a really good place for them right now. We are on the move - to Kloof in the middle of the year - sold here but yet to find something there. Love for now, Jill

KJ-Starre said...

Hi DW's! Glad everything sounds normal your side.
We completely forgot about Valentines day....oops! Oh well everyday should be valentines day right!

I wonder what has happened to your tool bar? Strange. Keep well & hugs all round!


Dali De Vynck said...

Hi Jeannie...
What's wrong with your blogger thingy? Mine is working fine, I've updated my brazilian version of curls. If you have any pics of the weekend in Stilbaai would you send to me, please? They're the only ones we don't see pictures very often!