Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two things I never thought I'd be fond of - a small town and a dog. But here I am, very much attached to both. Coming back from Stilbaai to Hermanus was truly coming home. And Milo... well, I'm not so taken with him that he can sleep on my bed, but he is one of the De Vyncks now.

After procrastinating with every excuse I could find, I finally got my body to gym this morning. I'm so bored there, but thinking of that R200 a month motivates me a little. I skip past a few machines on the circuit and hope the instructor lady doesn't notice.

The school drama in our house continues. But I think we can bid farewell to Bosko. I applied at another school near us which comes recommended, but they are pretty much full, so we wait in hope. I'll find out tomorrow if there's space for the young De V's. If not? I don't know!

I cut Daniel's hair yesterday - he looks two years older now. Those golden locks made him look about three (a gorgeous three, but that's not always to the advantage of a five year-old boy).

If I can get the toolbar to appear, I'll put on pics of Daniel learning to ride his bike without side wheels. He's doing well and should be on his way soon.

Other than that, I've been enjoying coffees with friends and taking life slowly. Quite an odd space to be in, but fun.

I can hear another cricket in the house! Hermanus is infested with them.

I've put some photos on my old blog page. I left that blog server because it was giving me hassles, but now it's working....


KJ-Starre said...

Divine pic's...I can't believe the tool bar isn't back yet???? I still can't believe you guys have a pooch...he is rather cute tho!

Gym....? What's that? I must be the only one not going to gym....oh well! Maybe one day soon.

We also have a million are not alone. Phone the council & ask them to spray the drains around your house...they are aware there is an infestation & are prepared to help.
Have a super day!

Dali De Vynck said...

You're so brave! At least you started the gym. I've been finding excuses not to go to my swimming classes every week. This week was that I fell from my exercise ball and hit my shoulder in the sofa! Mind you, I was not born to exercise, that's what the ball was telling me. Buuuut, I promise myself I'll go next week. Another but: it's Masterchef final next week and I can't miss it...
We loved the pictures!
Love, us!

Dali De Vynck said...

Thanks for your comment. I'll think of quick and easy recipes for busy mums! I have this problem at lunch time, as we often come back from playgroups at lunch time and I have nothing ready, and end up eating some variation of pasta or leftovers.
Until next post! D.