Monday, February 11, 2008


Hey! Where did my tool bar go? Now I can't publish photos... does Blogger do this often? Grrrr.

This morning at breakfast we overheard the kids talking about skin colour. They call themselves "beige" and black people "dark brown". So picking up from them, we said that it's not the colour of your skin that matters, but your heart. Daniel thought a bit, then said, "And all people have red hearts." So true.

Debbie, Derek and Tehila came for lunch on Sunday. It was lovely to have them over. During the course of the afternoon, the De Vyncks managed to spill drinks five times:

1] Daniel knocked over his juice in his bedroom (no drinking in your bedroom!).
2] Aimee knocked over her milk in the lounge.
3] Aimee knocked over her milk in the lounge, again.
4] Dirk knocked over his wine at the table.
5] Daniel spilled his juice on his clothes.


Dali De Vynck said...

Hi!!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Hans did manage the shopping on time. He even did a surprise packaging and I thought I was getting pj's but it was a my favourite perfum (he can't get wrong, can he???). The chocolate cake is divine (well, to my taste)! Would love to share with all the family. We took it yesterday to the Guys, though, and shared with them.
On the spilling matter, I'm so glad I've boarded in the right family! I used to feel so bad for being the only one keeping the mop wet at parties!
Lots of love,

KJ-Starre said...

Mel's tool bar also dissapears...I have no idea why tho. I thankfully haven't had this problem yet.

Funny!...all the dropsie.