Monday, February 4, 2008

Floppy Arms

I've got floppy arms just thinking about vacuuming so I'll blog instead.

On Friday the kids went to Josh's 6th birthday party. Despite all these smart new party ideas, the classic cake-and-games are still a firm favourite. Can't beat pass-the-parcel.

As usual, we were up at six on Saturday morning. The kids have not yet grasped the joys of sleeping-in. So we were full throttle into Saturday when Rudy phoned wondering where we were....ooops... supposed to be at a breakfast at Harbour Rock restaurant (lovely spot overlooking Hermanus and Walker Bay). So we ended up having a top-class morning with some friends. And the kids got to play with Sally - probably their favourite grown-up...after the family, of course.

Later, we took the kids on "dates". Every now and then, we each take a kid out somewhere. Dirk took Daniel to Wimpy. Being the older and wiser one, he had figured that the Wimpy was where he could score a toy with the kiddie burger. All through my time at Panorotti's with Aimee, I was trying to figure a way around the devastated wailing which was sure to follow when she discovered this. What relief when they gave her a lucky packet when we left. She's such a sweetie that everyone is charmed.

After church on Sunday we had some new friends, Rosemary and Grant, around for lunch. Before they came the kids were moaning that there were no kids for them to play with. That didn't bother our lot for long though as they roped the guests into playing, which to their credit, they did with much grace.

Yay, the canoe got a run on the water this weekend! Dirk went down to Onrus lagoon with Neels to give it a try. The canoe floated. The boys fell out. One seat is still lodged somewhere in the mud below.


KJ-Starre said...

Great newsy post! Sorry about the tag....but everyone tags me...& my tag motto goes..."never suffer alone!" hahaha! Glad you are enjoying life on the 'farm' & making loads of friends. We do miss you tho'! Hugs to you all!


Binos said...

Hey Genie, Sarah Binos here. seems like you guys are doing really well in Hermanus. We miss you at Friends First. Got to your blog from Mel's. Mine is the three beans a bruno one. You can check out Ella -our little girl. God bless, love Sarah