Saturday, February 9, 2008

Espresso Kid

This morning the boys were up at 5:30 to go fishing with Clive. I said thanks, but you go ahead without me. Aimee was a little miffed at being left behind so I took her out for a girls' morning. The guy at the coffee shop, being young and childless, had no real idea what a baby chino was and Aimee was already a few sips through when she declared it to be coffee. And so it was. I quickly threw it into my cup, but I fear it was too late. She was rolling around her bed with big eyes until about 9:00 p.m. tonight. Could the caffeine have buzzed the poor child so severely?

Me: "Aimee, no more talking!"
Aimee: "I'm not talking, I'm dreaming."
.... bit later....
Aimee: "Mom, I'm worried there's a snake in my pillow."

Eventually, I resorted to the "Symphonies of Sleep" CD and lay next to her. I might have fallen asleep before she did.


Five-Browns said...

Sorry to say but WHAT A PLONKER your waiter is!!!! Good grief, and yes, it was the caffeine for sure.

KJ-Starre said...

Max also reacts to caffine like that...not that he has had coffee but chocolate has just enough to buzz him out. Hence our house rule...NO coke of any kind & NO chocolate. Some of my friends think I am extreme....but sleepless nights & I do not gel so well.