Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back... well, sort of...

Our modem stopped working this weekend. It was a character trial of note- for me, that is. But come Monday, we took the whole package into the Vodacom shop to have them sort it. They could not. In fact, they made it even worse than before. But today I managed to salvage the old modem software from a shortcut in the recycle bin, and here we are again (for now).

Daniel is five, but I'm already fighting with him over music volumes. This weekend, he put on a CD in his bedroom for him and Aimee to dance to, but it was pumping out across the neighbourhood. I turned it down, only to have him turn it up... and the tussle continued until there were tears. Sometimes mommies behave like two year-olds. Not my finest moment.

On Saturday, Danielle brought Kyra and Anna to play. She was looking after them for the day as Nathan and Di were in JHB for a wedding. It's always a breather to have some other kids around to entertain the kids. I have to suppress my clean-freak tendencies and sacrifice tidiness for the sake of happiness. (Also enjoyed getting to know Danielle better.)

The kids were having a snack before church on Sunday at about 5:00, when a worse-case-scenario ensued. I came in to find Aimee asleep at the kitchen counter. She stayed asleep until we arrived at church just before 6:00. She was still as cheerful as can be by 10:00, chatting a continual stream of thought. Dirk and I were not so cheerful.

Earlier that night, Dirk was (optimistically!) giving Aimee a good-night kiss.

Dirk: "Plant it here."
She did.
Aimee: "Daddy did a stinky fart on my lips!"

I then went in to her bedroom to say good-night. She asked, "Why is your hair curly?" Then, "It's bushy!... But I like it." Thanks for sparing my feelings, Aimee D.

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KJ-Starre said...

Hi there DW's!
Seems like life is marching on hey? Daniel...music issues... already haha!

Whats with your PC problems??? I see blogger still hasn't sorted it'self out yet..? Sorry man!

Amiee's getting cuter everyday!