Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thanks for Lunch, Dirk

The Springs came over for lunch on Sunday. (Helen and Clive in pic.) Dirk was on his Sunday best and whipped up a yummy nasi goreng in the family tradition. Their daughter, Angela (9yrs), is Aimee's hero so she was in her element all afternoon. Over the few months that I've known Helen, I've discovered that she's something of a kindred spirit. We both:

- don't really like dogs
- have dogs that love us
- don't really like horses
- don't like crafting
- hate vacuuming
- are clean-house freaks
- have no desire to be a farmer's wife
- don't quite know how to deal with all this hugging of strangers in church

Our neighbours put chicken pooh on their lawn the other day and now we have a little fly plague in the area. Today, I took great pleasure in vacuuming one up which was flapping in vain against the window.


KJ-Starre said...

It is great when you find someone you can relate to & be friends with at the same time....I know we don't like to admit it...but womenfolk need the company of other woman folk...{well sometimes at least}.

I HATE flies too. Destroy the little blighter's I say, & what better way than with the vacuum. Fantastic idea, I have got to try it too!!! hahaha!

Dali De Vynck said...

Just to say that I really love your blog!