Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maze Again

It seems I'm becoming a regular at The Maze in Stanford. Here we are today:-my kids with Anna. (That's Claire in the background looking like Audrey Hepburn). It's always good to see the Bells.

I started off offering the bowl of popcorn but caved in remarkably quickly to getting ice-creams instead. I was hoping to get the left-overs, but there weren't any this time. Sad.

The kids go back to school in a week's time, so I'll have some mornings to myself. Should I just enjoy the moment, or work? I think work. But I don't know what yet - any ideas on how to become a millionaire in a few hours a week? Or even how to pull together a bit of spending money?

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KJ-Starre said...

The maze??? Please explain for us ignorant, play park??? Well done on caving...when peace is needed, do whatever it takes I say....healthy snax are for the birds anyway!

Does Claire also live your way? Or is she ok with long distance visits too?

I am looking forward to school too...Maxi gets so lonely for other kiddy company, that and it would be good to have the morning free. Don't have any tips i am afriad, if you come across any...please be sure to through them my way too. I am always open to suggestions on how to retire early {with $ too would be a bonus haha!}

See ya