Saturday, January 12, 2008

Country Folk

Yesterday, we headed off to Cape Town to sort Dirk's Dutch passport. We left early, with a box of sandwiches for the journey across the mountains. It's only been nine months since we left Cape Town, but already our kids have become such country bumpkins. Daniel couldn't get over how high the buildings were. Poor children. While we were there, in a city of a few million, we bumped into three friends. Elise was having a coffee in Tribe Cafe, and of all people, we met Nathan and Di (leaders of our church in Hermanus) having a day off in town to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Despite traipsing all over the city in the African sun, our kids were in good spirits with barely a whinge. Milkshakes were duly dispensed at lunch time.Here are the boys while having lunch at the Waterfront.... Jazz Marathon playing in the background at the amphitheater below.

Two years ago, Dirk bought a canoe paddle. Today, he got his K2.

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KJ-Starre said...

Hiya! Good thing sorting out his passport [you never know] Do the kids have dutch ones too?
Weird thing running into 3 people you know on the one day in months you venture into CT.....could it be a sign??? Of what I have no idea haha! sounded good at the time.
Hope you had a good weekend.